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What’s up internet, I’m mike smith and today I want to touch on a subject that’s very controversial. The topic of women showing off their body, whether it be for a photoshoot, a fitness ad, a movie, or simply to post a booty pic to Instagram. What’s acceptable? What’s taking it too far? What kind of judgement do these women face for deciding to show off some skin? Are these women sending a sexual message? Are they sluts? Do they have morals? Or are we just so prude and suppressed as a nation that we don’t know any better than to believe these girls are just being tasteless. I’m diving into all these scandalous questions so don’t go anywhere.

I was born in 1986, raised here in the United States in a conservative Christian home. Sundays always involved starting your day with church, which for me was only exciting because that meant bagels and cream cheese at my favorite deli after having to sit through a boring 2 hour sermon. My mom and dad taught me and my sister what was right and what was wrong, we had a strong sense of morality and solid beliefs. Naturally growing up and getting older we all get urges that battle and question what we’ve been told is right and truthful. For most those questions start with asking Is Santa clause real? How does the tooth fairy know I lost a tooth? Where do we come from? And finally the big question of them all, what is sex? Unsurprisingly as human beings we develop sexual urges, we discover what makes our pee pees tingle and vaginas mingle. It’s natural and as organic as your overpriced food from whole foods. Back in the day when I myself started getting these urges I really had no idea what it meant. The internet was nowhere near as big as it is today and imagining what sex looked like meant turning your head sideways to try and make out what was happening on the scrambled porn channels. I’ll never forget when titanic was released in 1997, I was 11 years old and my friend had went to see the movie with his parents. He told me that there was an incredible scene with a beautiful girl lying on a couch and they showed her boobs. I remember going home and begging my parents to go see the movie with my friends, unfortunately someone had already warned them about this epic titty scene and I was forced to wait for the movie to come out on VHS. This way I would be forced to sit with my parents so they could fast forward the only scene I was interested in watching. Luckily for me my parents mistakenly left me home alone with the VHS and I replayed that titty scene about 100 times before carefully returning it to its blockbuster case. Now honestly did seeing Kate Winslets boobs make me think she was a