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Today was one of the most stressful days of my life. I received an exceptionally disgraceful phone call from the owner of World Gym. Most of you know I have operated my personal training, supplement, and nutrition business from this gym for the past 7 years. The owner told me over the phone that he has decided to end our business relationship, terminating me permanently as an independent contractor. He gave me absolutely zero reasoning as to why he was ending our agreement. I proceeded to ask him for a valid explanation because at this point I was in shock. He replied “I don’t have to give you a reason”. I asked him what kind of a business man would terminate someone without at least providing a valid reason. The owner responded “I don’t have to give you a reason, you are on a month to month rent system and me and my partners have decided to end your business”. Once again I pleaded with him to at least give me some kind of clarification on why he would randomly decide to end my business at World Gym. He responded back with an extremely childish response and said “I cannot tell you right now but maybe in a few weeks I will”. What? Is this guy serious? What grown man says something like that? My mind has officially been blown. This was without a doubt the most unprofessional, distasteful way to end our relationship. After everything I’ve done for this club over the past 7 years this is how it ends. Not to mention that the owner also had the sales manager call my girlfriend a few hours later and they fired her from her position in membership sales and her position as a personal trainer. Once again this was done with zero explanation, which by now didn’t surprise me at all. Especially since everything this man stands for is revolting. My friends and I stopped by the gym tonight to take all of my equipment from the gym. Over the years I’ve purchased quite a bit of equipment out of my own pocket. So if you’re currently a member of World Gym and wondering what the hell happened to the squat rack in the corner, the deadlift jacks, the tred sled harness, the landmine row, the rogue bench, the extra 45lb bumper plates, the dip belts, the prowler, the battle ropes, and the bench boards just know that all of this equipment was purchased by myself and my friends to increase the value of the gym. The owner never cared to purchase any of these things because world gyms main focus is and will forever be tennis. The amount of incredible people I’ve met over the years and the relationships I’ve built within this gym will not be forgotten. In fact all of this has just further motivated me more than ever to start my own gym. This is something I’ve wanted to do for an extremely long time and I truly believe today’s disaster was just the perfect amount of fire to be lit under my ass to drive me to chase after my dream and build this gym. Today was extremely emotional, especially after taking down the squat rack and having everyone that was around to help tonight get together for this awesome group photo. This photo represents only about 5% of the amazing connections I’ve made within these moldy world gym walls, it’s time to take all these great friendships I’ve built and leave all the negativity behind. Until I can open my own place I’m going to be looking for a place to train for the next month or two until I open my own place. I’m officially finished dealing with incompetent unprofessional people, it’s time to grind, and it’s time to make something epic. Who’s joining me? Peace out World Gym!

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