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It’s 2017 and guess what? We still have some serious evils to fix in the supplement industry. There are disturbing numbers of products that are literally pure trash and the sad fact that these garbage supplements have made it to the top selling list just shows how unaware most people are when it comes to selecting proper supplements. With new items popping up every week paired with bogus marketing claims, bright flashy labels, and fancy new “ingredients” it’s no surprise the ill-informed flock to these shitty products like moths aimlessly flying towards the attractive bright lights of an insect zapper.

The truth is very few supplements are effective, mainly because the active ingredients are dosed extremely low to decrease manufacturing cost. I’ve seen just how overwhelming selecting the correct products for your goals can be. Don’t believe me? Just walk into any GNC and let the moron behind the counter start making some suggestions for you. Also beware of your personal trainers advice, just the other day I overheard a “personal trainer” tell his client that he was 5% body fat when in fact he was closer to 30% body fat, I kid you not.

This should give you an idea of the level of competence most people in the industry are forever going to be stuck at. I have always said there are three kinds of people in the fitness industry, people who only care about money, people who care about the truth, and people who are too stupid to care at all. It’s easy to see why so many people are fed misinformation. This is precisely why I started my own brand Never Quit Performance. I didn’t start this company to formulate a bunch of shitty products with crazy profit margins combined with stupid bullshit Instagram advertisements. I started Never Quit because I’m passionate about fitness and the truth, two words that don’t always seem to go together. I simply wanted to offer a solution to the many inaccuracies and scams the supplement industry has continued to jam down our throats. This has been going on since the beginning of fitness magazines or as I like to call them glossy toilet paper.